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Nick Nicolaas is a featured Guest Speaker at Conferences worldwide and has been involved in a broad range of business consulting services, government liaison, corporate financial and public relations.  Nick also Day Trades Futures and buys and sells Options and Puts.  He is not an investment advisor.

He has an extensive public company background within the resource industry including, the forming and structuring of public companies.  Nick specializes in corporate financial consulting and liaison.  In order to create Shareholder Value, he has assisted public companies in creating strong aftermarket support.


SDC Principal Jamie Varnhagen says “traditional methods of investing for retirement just haven’t served investors. For most their only hope for closing that gap is self-directed investing, and with the right information and support system it can be a lot easier, more profitable, and enjoyable than many realize."

Self-Directed Club has stepped up to being one of the most notable educators in this space over the last year. provides an online resource center and live webinars with industry experts for individuals to learn about the superior benefits of self-directed IRA and 401k investing, as well as information on investing in alternative assets (precious metals, natural resources, commodities, private equity, and real estate).

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The Lyons Share is edited by Dana Lyons, a veteran of more than 20 years in the financial markets as an investment advisor, analyst and commodities trader. In his “day job”, Dana is a partner at J. Lyons Fund Management, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor in the Chicago area providing active, risk-conscious investment management for clients. He is also a co-founder of, an online service that provides risk-managed investment guidance for self-directing retirement investors.

​Dana’s technical research and analysis have made him a staple in the financial media with appearances in Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, CNBC, Bloomberg, Barron’s, Forbes and many other outlets. He was selected as one of the original members of Yahoo Finance’s ground-breaking Contributors platform and is also a contributor to SeeItMarket. Dana’s unique charts and original market research have also made him a “must-follow” on the financial social media circuit. You can follow his popular feeds on Twitter and StockTwits via the handle @JLyonsFundMgmt and his Tumblr blog at

Chris has spent some 35 years now studying the inner workings of the financial system/markets and making that information understandable to his followers. More so, he makes it all actionable for his Members; his slogan is, "You can get information anywhere, but here you get knowledge!"


As has often been verified by the Hulbert Financial Digest, Chris' superior grasp of "the big picture" and successful market timing and stock selection alike have on many occasions had The National Investor at the top of the performance charts.

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He is one of the most controversial and radical intellectual figures of the new millennium.  With countless followers on YouTube and local television program, Dr. Lee Warren brings the realness with a hardcore intelligent approach to resolving our economic problems and preparing people of color for the future

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