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Chicago Resource EXPO

Fall 2019

Schaumburg Marriott Hotel


The Chicago Resource Expo features small cap companies with a primary focus on natural resource and technology based business models

Dr. Lee Warren, one of our local expert speakers, and Donna Radez, wife of Expo Chairman Rich Radez, both celebrated winning their fights with leukemia! 

The Fall 2019 Chicago Resource Expo date will be announced soon! The one and a half day show, beginning at noon on Friday, is filled with company presentations, Q & A panel discussions, and plenty of time to get to know each exhibitor. The Expo also includes an evening canape buffet.     

The very popular Expert Q & A Panel Discussion starts at 7pm. The Panel regularly features guests such as Dr. Lee Warren, Chris Temple, Dana Lyons, Ambassador Thomas Graham and Mike "Mish" Shedlock. Read more about our speakers here.

​The Chicago Resource Expo is America's original natural resource investment conference, being operated by the Radez Family since its inception. Chicago's position as the second largest financial center in North America has fueled our diverse investor audience since 1977, 42 years and counting!

The Expo features publicly traded companies with businesses focused on a large range of natural resources and new technologies, including rare earth elements and medicinal cannabis. Admission to the event is free of charge to all active investors, providing an excellent opportunity to interact directly with the management of all exhibiting companies.



Hear what our Expert Guest Speakers have to say about today's markets and what you can do to maintain your financial well being